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Power of Digital Innovation
Mithya is the force that harnesses the power of new technology to create or reimagine your business, take it to the next level & make it future-proof. Small, fast and insanely effective, we collaborate with founders closely to innovate & deliver the big vision.

Creating the Future-proof Business

Team Mithya's aim is to ensure that your business is technology ready for the future whether it is via a transformation or for a new product launch. We work closely with the key stakeholders of a project to ensure a collaborative and seamless ideation & execution. Our process begins with requirement gathering, problem framing, solution design, flow design and UX finalization and finally ends with development.
An Intelligent Solution
Our initial effort is always focused on becoming fully aligned with your vision & business goals. This alignment ensures that we are then intuitively always striving toward the most optimal solutions to meet those goals. 
An Expectional Team
We are a small team of innovators, problem-solvers, designers & developers committed to making your vision a reality in the most seamless, effecient and collaborative way possible. 
Go-to-Market Focus
We pride ourselves on having an undivided focus on going to market. A problem can always be solved in many ways, our experience allows us to hone in on the solution that puts the project on the fastest track to market.

Customers strong

Platforms launched

Team Experience

Team members

Multiple Natures

API Development, App Development, Business Analysis

Targeting Mantra

Fronted Development, User Experience, User Interface Design


API Development, App Development, Business Analysis, Fronted Development, User Experience, User Interface Design


API Development, App Development, Business Analysis, Fronted Development, User Experience, User Interface Design


API Development

Baked Bouquet

Fronted Development, User Experience


API Development, Fronted Development


Fronted Development, User Experience

Make GST Invoice

API Development, User Experience

CHRI Crime map

API Development, Fronted Development

Think & Throw

API Development, User Experience

Virtual Police Station

API Development, Fronted Development


Fronted Development, User Experience


Requirement Gathering


Project Planning


Finalising UX


Backend and Frontend Dev


Testing & Launching

A small, effective team

Mithya Labs has over 8 years of experience in Design & Technology 
Client Feedback
At end of every project release cycle we have a feedback session with the key stakeholders of the project. The session aims to provide us with key improvement areas that we use to improve ourselves. Areas where we have outshone ourselves are shown in the right. As with every team we have weaknesses that we are working upon such as keeping track of intermediary milestones during project progress or incorporating change in scope with minimal impact on project timelines.
Problem understanding & Definition
Project Planning
User Experience
Overall Satisfaction